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Updates Summer 2014

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Dominus 20.August 2014

Henderdong 20.August 2014

New 10 minute HD video !!!

Master Max 18.August 2014

 SpanishJose 13.August 2014

 BlueBoss 11.August 2014

Kris Hawk 8.August 2014

 Master Stero 7.August 2014

Master Caramel 6.August 2014

New Video 2.50 minutes

ProllMaster 29.July 2014

King Alex 27.July 2014

Dominus 27.July 2014

 Master Connor 26.July 2014

KrisHawk 25.July 2014

New Video 8.30 minutes

Master Caramel 20.July 2014

New Video 2.52 minutes

ItalianKing 19.July 2014

MasterPaul 14.July 2014

BossStero 10.July 2014

 Dominus 9.July 2014

 Sir Shao 2.July 2014

 Kris Hawk with slave 27.June 2014

video with slave, HD 14 minutes

 MasterCaramel 24.June 2014

 ProllMaster 23.June 2014

 King Alex 17.June 2014

Spanish King 13.June 2014

Kris Hawk 10.June 2014

 ItalianKing  09.June 2014

 Boss Stero 04.June 2014

 Prince Araba 29.May 2014

Dr.Diamond 28.May 2014

 GermanProllMaster 26.May 2014

MasterCaramel  24.May 2014

 Kris Hawk  22.May 2014

video with slave, HD 15 minutes

Master Max  20.May 2014

EuroMuscles 17.May 2014

 SpanishKing 13.May 2014

ItalianKing 09.May 2014

KrisHawk 01.May 2014

SirShao 01.May 2014

 Proll Master 25.04.2014

Prince John!!! 24.04.2014

new video 6 minutes

Master Caramel 22.04.2014

 Master Ronnie 21.04.2014

 Master Alex 14.04.2014

Master Stero 13.04.2014

Jose 29.03.2014

KrisHawk 28.03.2014

ProllMaster 26.03.2014

MasterMax 26.03.2014

 ItalianKing 21.03.2014

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