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My slave bows down to my feet.

The respect it has, to understand and realise it is inferior and

needs to serve and tribute. Bowing down to my presence is key

to cement the hypnotisation and breaking of the faggots mind.

It is worthless, pathetic and my property. It will do as I say.

My slave is scared, needs to be controlled and guided and as I

put my big foot on its back it curls up in comfort to know that it

lays where it truly belongs. Where it is born to be.


Worshipping my feet.

Tributing is the core mechanism for a slave, a reinforced

 reminder that it needs to tribute because it is a cash faggot,

an inferior, and needs to showcase it upon my will. It was at this

point that my slave gave up all its rights to me, I am now in full

 control and my new slave will now lead a better life.



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